SAP Hybris Solutions

SAP Hybris Solutions

SIERRA’s dedicated center of excellence for SAP Hybris promotes research around the Hybris technology platform. Our custom solutions blend technology, professional services, and best-in-class platforms to reduce operational cost, tap into global markets, and improve customer experience.

Our proven solutions around strategy, architecture, and operations centric to core business processes and the Hybris technology framework help our clients drive revenue, gain competitive advantage, and turn market shifts into business opportunities.

Our integrated SAP and Hybris practice provides businesses with a rich set of e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities that enhance the customer experience and build brand loyalty. SIERRA can help businesses decipher key behavioral patterns and preferences that influence purchasing decisions, using customer journey maps and advanced cross-channel analytics and measurement capabilities.

Our Hybris solutions provide complete backend integration into existing SAP and other enterprise business systems, enabling real-time insight into inventories, order status, and other critical products and customer data. This tight integration between the commerce platform and other enterprise business platforms, enhances business performance by providing a single view of customers, products, and orders and allows efficient and responsive business management.

Our SAP Hybris domain core services include the following:

  • Develop an enterprise digital commerce and marketing strategy and create a multi-year roadmap.
  • Deliver a streamlined, omni-channel, interactive experience for your customers.
  • Deliver green-field implementations including end-to-end deployment capabilities that begin with the definition of system requirements, progress to developing and constructing, and culminate with your system implementation.
  • Promote an omni-channel environment through service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based integration with your down stream system.
  • Establish brand uniformity and brand propagation through cohesive digital content authoring and publishing.
  • Migrate from your legacy platform to SAP Hybris.