At Sierra we implement and develop Salesforce and each of its clouds, of course, but we are first and foremost Salesforce Consultants. Our job is to understand our clients’ business, its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is the first step, always.

Sierra can handle your entire Salesforce project from beginning to end. From migration and implementation planning through development and testing, we handle the research, planning, and execution. We'll create a customised delivery journey for you so that you can get professional advice on Salesforce configuration, best practises, and associated business processes at every stage.

How do we create a value proposition with our Salesforce consulting?

By understanding our clients – their background, current situation and vision for the future – we can be an important part of the conversation, what it means to implement a Salesforce CRM solution that maximises tool potential and delivers optimal results. This methodology applies to multicloud projects, whether Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud… or any combination of these.

A proposition that brings real value to your business

The implementation of a good CRM is not about taking a company’s processes and putting them into a new tool. Rather than the solution to all a company’s problems, Salesforce is the means to eradicate them. The exercise should go deeper, as it requires the refiguring of current processes, and sometimes even the organisation and structure of the company. Only then can a true company transformation be implemented into a client-oriented organisation that runs like clockwork.

We Help Clients Across Multiple Industries

Financial Services

Whether you are in Banking, Lending, Insurance or Wealth Management, our tailored solutions help agents, brokers and customers manage the onboarding process, access and update policies, improve claims management process, and more. We've helped clients save up to 40 hours per week on underwriting processes alone. Let's transform your challenges into clear-cut opportunities together.

Retail, Luxury & Consumer Goods

Retail and luxury are about creating experiences that resonate. With our tailored strategies & Solutions, anticipate market dynamics, optimise inventory, and craft shopping experiences that drive long-term relationships. Dive into data-driven insights, optimize your operations, and engage your customers like never before. Let's make every interaction count.

Automotive, Travel & Manufacturing

The automotive, travel, and manufacturing sectors demand agility and foresight. Streamline inventory management, connect with partner and dealer networks, and empower your teams to deliver their best. Your path to success can be found in our Salesforce solutions. Let's accelerate your growth and set new industry standards together.

Telco, Media & Hi-Tech

Telecom, media, and high-tech industries all see constant innovation. We help you stand out and provide your clients with unmatched value through our creative solutions. Focusing on digital scalability, clients can now handle increasing volumes of customer interactions that will continue to occur in B2C and B2B sales. Let's make your brand the go-to choice.